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Inspiring Boldly Inclusive Leaders

Minette Norman helps leaders cultivate inclusive organizations where diverse teams can leverage their differences to achieve breakthrough success. This is not an abstract concept for Minette—she spent decades leading global engineering teams in Silicon Valley.


Minette brings deep experience to help leaders across industries bring out the full potential of their employees by creating an inviting, innovative, and inclusive culture.

In a time of ubiquitous AI, it's time for a new model of deeply human leadership.


Every organization is unique, with its own culture and norms. Minette will work with you to develop what your organization needs.

Sample consulting services include:​

Book Cover for Boldly Inclusive Leader by Minette Norman

Inclusive Leadership Workshops

Leaders set the tone for their organizations. This workshop gives leaders a new awareness of how their own behavior can contribute to a healthy, inclusive workplace where everyone has a sense of belonging and where innovation and new ideas can emerge.

Inclusive Meetings Workshops

Meetings, where everyone spends so much of their time, embody a company's culture. This experimental workshop helps participants gain awareness and practical skills for making all meetings more inclusive.

Cover of the book, The Psychological Safety Playbook by Karolin Helbig and Minette Norman

Psychological Safety Workshops

Teams that have a high degree of psychological safety are the highest performing teams, the most inclusive teams, the teams that people want to be part of, and the teams that innovate. Using material from The Psychological Safety Playbook, co-written with Karolin Helbig, Minette offers workshops to help leaders and their staff members increase the level of psychological safety in their team.

Fearless Organization Assessment and Debrief Sessions


Using a survey tool based on the work of Amy C. Edmondson of Harvard Business School, Minette will administer an anonymous survey for your team and will then hold one or more debrief sessions to explore how your team can improve conditions for learning, inclusion, and innovation.

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Front cover of the book, The Boldly Inclusive Leader by Minette Norman


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