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Boldly Inclusive Leader by Minette Norman Book Cover


“Minette Norman has written the definitive book that approaches leadership as a fundamentally human act. Brimming with practical advice, positive energy, and necessary lessons in empathy, The Boldly Inclusive Leader will help anyone become a better leader in work, and life.” 

David Sax, Bestselling author of The Future is Analog

“Like Minette, I had a moment in my career when I felt my company was telling me to 'sit down and shut up.' If you're a leader who wants to hire the best people for the job and then to inspire them to do their best work, rather than silencing them, Minette outlines the steps you can take. A labor of love!”

Kim Scott, Bestselling author of Just Work and Radical Candor

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North American Book Award
Winner of the nonfiction book award 2023
Winner of nyc 2023 distinguished book award
Winner of Distinguished Favorite Award 2024
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It’s time to leave behind the ideal of tough-minded, hard-driving leadership. The Boldly Inclusive Leader shows how being a compassionate leader who embraces diversity in all its forms will powerfully transform the workplace and the world.

Corporate leaders have awoken to the urgent need to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces, leadership teams, and boards of
directors. But if today’s leaders are to realize the potential of a diverse workforce, they must challenge their current models of leadership and focus on creating an inclusive environment. This new imperative will require leaders at all levels of an organization to develop skills that have been traditionally undervalued, including empathy, curiosity, vulnerability, and the ability to create a psychologically safe workplace—this is boldly inclusive leadership.

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Share copies of The Boldly Inclusive Leader with your organization or professional network. I'm offering several volume purchase opportunities, ranging from micro-volume purchases for individuals and book clubs to larger-volume purchase opportunities. When you’ve made a volume purchase, email Minette to claim your bonuses!

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“Through powerful stories and a compelling call-to-action, Minette Norman has written the must-read book on inclusive leadership. Every manager, leader, and executive needs to read this book and put its lessons into practice.”

—Frances X. Frei, Harvard Business School Professor, coauthor of Unleashed

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